refund policy

You have 14 days to return any of the products (except outlet, see conditions below) that you have purchased from the date of receipt of the product, currently and due to the global logistics crisis due to COVID19 the manufacturers have expressed their delays in orders of up to 60 days, for our part on our website you have the contact numbers to guarantee the real stock of our products before you order them.

Before proceeding with a return or exchange, contact us at our email or our CONTACT numbers 618441630 - 641846739

In case of payment by PayPal and a future reimbursement, this operation has a cost that is established by PayPal's commission that you can see in detail and may vary depending on the amount purchased or paid, for operations in Spain, Europe, for the rest of the world for management and forwarding expenses.

We will not accept the return of any product that has been used, unlabeled, has suffered any damage or is not in its original packaging.

We reserve the right to check the products carefully before accepting any exchange or return. We will only refund products that are in the original condition in which they were shipped. without any alteration

Important for customers outside the European Union
Returns with unpaid customs charges, shipping costs, or any additional fees will not be accepted.

In case you refuse to receive the order due to the unexpected additional fees, the order will be abandoned by the courier and we will not be able to refund the courier.

Archive and Outlet Products
You have 7 days to return or exchange any of the products you have purchased from the date of receipt of the product